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Bar & Restaurant in Magarpatta, Pune
Our Story

Our Story

Ashwin Shetty, who has his roots in the famous Shetty family, planted the seed of owning a trendy yet classic bar & kitchen restaurant. His dream soon became a 6,000 sq. ft. reality in Magarpatta, Pune in the form of The Coconut Tree. The Coconut Tree is named so because of the essential role the coconut plays in our menu. Inspired by the versatility of coconut trees, our restaurant offers the most delectable Mangalorean, Keralan, Andhra, Malvan and Goan cuisines along with a wide range of scintillating seafood options that are as easy on the taste buds as they are on the health. Stemming out of the famous Coconut Grove restaurants, The Coconut Tree has grown to become one of the premium seafood restaurants in Pune, which perfectly blends together the age old mother’s recipes with its own modern touch to create an entire menu of coastal culinary delights.

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